Rich & powerful occult behind missing/dead children& hookers
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2006-11-10 19:20:21 UTC
I was speaking today with a colleague, trying to
get myself inside the head of a blood-drinker,
and that of a rich and powerful blood-drinker at

What strains the credulity of the average person is that they
cannot believe that 'respectable', 'intelligent', 'prominent'
people would engage in such things. Is it possible?
But to better understand , research the life of Benjamin Franklin for
some insight into the type of people I am referring to.
Benjamin Franklin was both ingenious and satanic.

In my research, the conclusion that I came to is that this belief
system is also prevalent among some of the most prominent,
prolific, and brilliant minds in the world.

Hence, the rich and powerful involved, and very willing both to provide

eachother victims and to help conceal the crimes.

Some of these people are worshipped for their genious.
Their genious is fed by evil, but their genious also produces
immeasurable wealth and knowledge to mankind.

The rich and powerful are heavily into hedonism. They recognize no
boundaries. Their quest is to achieve complete omnipotence, and these
people feel that they are performing A SERVICE TO HUMANITY each time
they ritualistically take a life. Each time they give a life surge to
the stronger among us.

That is why the ritual murder is termed a 'sacrifice'. They are willing
that humanity , (and the victim's loved ones) lose these people in
order that the stronger among us, the smartest, perhaps even the
ingenious, will gain , at any cost, greater fortitude, greater life
force, to perform their great works in the service of mankind.

This is also why the victims of this network tend to be the weaker
underlings, society's discarded, such as poor and uneducated
people/hitchhikers/ prostitutes. These are deemed to be the expendable
sector of society, the equivalent of beef cattle, in service to the
greater good of humanity.

warning: graphic video of kosher slaughter process at
kosher meat packing plant.

(similar to satanic ritual torture of animals and people. Ancient
practice of drinking blood of tortured victims/animals in occult
rituals. Why?
The blood of the tortured is the most ancient narcotic , going back to
man's most primitive beginnings. The blood of the tortured is full of
natural opiates (endorphin pain-killers) secreted by the brain
into the blood stream. The blood of the tortured (animal or human) is
also full of adrenaline, the natural stimulant that is secreted into
the blood by the adrenal glands
for the 'fight or flight' response . Thus pain and fear produce a
harvest of opiates and stimulants from the glands of a mammal.

graphic video of kosher slaughter: http://tinyurl.com/y8zfu8

(note how this death chamber is crafted to generate maximum terror in
the animals.)
Standard north american plants immediately kill the animal with
a bolt through the head, far different from the kosher meat processing
depicted here. In this video, notice how the slaughter chamber is
crafted to provoke maximum terror among the animals, with the deafening

sound of several hellish machines operating simultaneosly and the
simultaneous death throes of several animals. Note how the machine
immobilizes the head of the animals while its voice box is ripped from
the throat with a hook after the throat is slit, to silence the animal,

then the machine squeezes the torso of the animal, its blood draining
into a grate
and the legs then mechanically crushed to prevent it from standing
while it dies slowly, . This is
conducted to produce maximum pain and terror. (notice that part
of the ritual is that if the animal makes eye contact with anyone
else other than the appointed throat cutter, they are to kick blood
into it's eyes.)

In occult rituals, the victim is tortured and their blood drained into
This blood is immediately drinken because it provides an incredible
narcotic high.
Just like many popular narcotics are actually a mixture of opiates and
stimulants together (morphine and amphetamines) (codeine and caffeine).

This ancient practice created an addiction among it's proponents. It
became habitual, and also
imbued with spiritual meaning among the ignorant. Ancient man did not
understand why the blood of the tortured contained opiates and
stimulants, or why drinking this blood made him feel like a god. He
thought that this was his mystical connection with dark spirits, and
the narcotic high a reward by spirits for his cruelty toward his

I wonder how blood drinkers deal with these modern scourges of AIDS,
hepc etc.
ARe people known to be uninfected chosen? Maybe children or
babies in cases that they wish to use actual human blood? Do they have
access to the medical
records of victims? Access to blood lab records or testing facilities?
Somehow they are obtaining victims with clean blood.
In case that blood safety is in question , I would guess that, as
mentioned earlier, we can now synthesize same or even more
powerful endorphin and adrenaline , in the form of narcotic
mixtures,through plant-based opiates (endorphins) and stimulants
(adrenaline) . If the blood cannot be used in the ritual, then the cult
will use drugs.
I am willing to bet that there is still a higher than average incidence
of HIV among satanists, due to these factors. Especially back in the
early 1980's before public awareness and the attendant precautions.

My guess is that these rituals are often designed equally around
ministering to the hormonal/bestial needs of these people.
It is probable that those performing these acts feel that they
reach a physically satiated state from participating. The act of
committing the violence alone, under the proscribed ritual, does things
to their blood and brain chemistry from which they derive strength,
both spiritual and physical.

A good analogy I can think of is sport hunters and sport fishermen, and
especially sport fisherman, who unlike hunters, often release or
discard their catch. There is no logical reason to lure fish and
inflict pain on them, and then release them into the water. These are
not particularly sadistic people either. There is something primordial
and ancient about the life and death struggle of having a fish on the
line. It is struggling for its life, fighting, and one must in turn
resist its fight, in effect fight for one's life. Fight or flight
hormones are released into the blood.
Many people are addicted to the thrill of hooking a big fish, even if
they throw it back.
This is the adrenaline rush of the predator, of the hunter.
Some people watch horror films for the same reason. They get an
adrenaline rush from being frightened, and find that their sedentary
and secure life dulls them into not hormonally experiencing life's
daily struggle for survival. This is the adrenaline rush of the hunted.

These are both fight or flight hormonal rushes that people are
That of the hunter and that of the hunted. There may be a crucial
difference here. Satanists may be achieving a blood chemistry
conducive to physical stamina, even genius, through ritualistic
(adrenaline rush of the predator) followed by blood drinking, or
perhaps the consumption of powerful narcotics containing both opiates
and stimulants. (Mick Jagger, a knighted Freemason of the highest
order, put out a record called 'Goats Head Soup', with a picture of a
goats head in a pot. He was also a notorious user of heroine, and one
of the Rolling Stones biggest hits is a song called 'Sympathy for the
Mick Jagger fits the exact profile of the satanic persona that I make
reference to .
Extremely wealthy, and revered, gifted and talented, at one point the
subject of mass adoration at its absurd extreme.
He achieved cult-status popularity. People worshipped him, and so he
accepted their offerings......a very good candidate for satanism,
to be recruited by the cult, to be made to drink human blood. He too
would be sacrificing something in participation, sacrificing his
as part of the process, likely in the hopes of attaining greater
strength with which to reward his supporters, and earn their adulation.
Jagger would be just a tiny cog, one of thousands and tens of thousands
of prominent people who are 'dabbled' in the occult, dipped in the
I mention him here only because his occult past is fairly widely known.
What was not known until recently is the extent of occultism, and the
of it practitioners: their extremism.
Bohemian Grove: satanic rituals of rich and powerful

Since 1873, the global elite has held secret meetings in the ancient
redwood forest of Northern California. Members of the Bohemian Club,
headquartered in San Francisco, CA, include Former Presidents
Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. The Bush family maintains a strong
involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of this all-male
organization don red, black and silver robes and conduct an occult
ritual Wherein they Worship a giant stone owl, sacrificing a human
being in effigy to What they call the "Great Owl of Bohemia."

Now, for the First Time in History, an Outsider Has Infiltrated
Bohemian Grove with a Hidden Digital Video Camera and Caught the Ritual
on Tape. That Man is Alex Jones, the Exclusive Digital Video is Just
Part of His Shocking New Documentary: DARK SECRETS: INSIDE BOHEMIAN
watch the video online here:


(bear in mind that the ritual depicted here is for the 'outer circle',
the largest and most mainstream gathering of the year. This is where
each member is allowed to bring a guest. This is recruitment time. The
real satanic stuff at the Grove goes on not in the summer time,
when this video was shot, but in the autumn , and the autumn rituals
are ultra secretive, include only insiders in tiny, concealed groups.

The grove itself is a massive, thickly forested rural installation
protected by the united states Secret Service. If ritual human
sacrifice (murder) were to take place securely and secretly anywhere in
America, it would have to be at a place like this, for it to remain a
secret for so long, and it would likely be somewhere here, on this
forested land, at some dark and obscure time of year.)
Child abductee and child prostitute Paul Bonacci has written a book in
which he describes taking part as a child in pedophile/murder rituals
at Bohemian Grove)

Skull and Bones: Secret Satanic Society of the political elite
I. http://tinyurl.com/f9bme
II. http://tinyurl.com/qrg9p

Burned bodies are sometimes connected with rituals involving child
sacrifice. The parents should be thoroughly investigated in any case
in which a body is found burned, especially that of a youth.
Burning the body is of course also a good means of destroying forensic
evidence thoroughly. You burn up any finger prints or fibres, and/or
conceal the type of injuries inflicted during the killing. I suspect
the fire department therefore plays a very large role in secret

As far as media/police/establishment complicity in this: the mind
A fish rots from the head down. If you have the allegiance of key
offices of power, key to the power structures of society, that may be
all that is required.
Everyone in authority is with you, or they are out.
'You are with us, or you are against us.' From there follows mysterious
hirings and firings, transfers , promotions, demotions. Recruitment.
Blacklisting, blackballing, blackmailing, setups, defamations/character
assassinations. Bribes. Payouts. Honors. Election financing/voter
fraud. Murders. You name it, there are ways to achieve what we are
discussing here.

The system can be manipulated from within.
What comes to mind is that virtually unlimited resources are expended.
As in the Jack the Ripper murders (see the film
From Hell, featuring actor Johnny Depp), some of the killings appear to
be 'silencings' or people being 'being disappeared' because they know
something. Canada's justice system is really something too. How many of
these apparently random 'first offence' killers are actually hired to
silence people. If they are caught, they know that it means a maximum
of about five to eight years inside. Not bad, if you are secretly paid
a large sum of money. You do five years inside, but you are making
thousand a year to be there , and there is a good chance that you
will not even be caught to begin with.
From Hell
Skulls II
Skulls III

AS far as a network or a brotherhood, we already have words for some of
those: gangs, mafia, etc. How deeply are the bikers, the rappers. or
the mafioso tied up in this? Some these pimp
'street gangs' like the Crips and bloods in L.A. or the Canadian street
gangs are heavily into child prostitution/procurement.
In Halifax it was the Glasgow Guys , a black gang that had a nationwide
network of pimps and recruited teenaged girls, transporting them from
city to city. and murdering them if they tried to escape or threatened
to tell anyone. It emerged that the leaders of many of these
gangs have been heavily into voodoo, paganism, and attending wiccan
events/occult parties and gatherings. Larry King was a black politician

who ran a child pimping ring in Washington, D.C
watch this film: http://tinyurl.com/ykdd9o
It is a made-for television documentary that, mysteriously, never made
it to air, its broadcast cancelled at the last minute by 'the powers
that be'.
If you want to know how deep and how high the corruption goes, watch
'The Clinton Chronicles' on Google video.

one of the ancient Babylonian human sacrifice rituals involved
parents burning their children alive as a sacrifice to 'Molech'
Christine Van Hees was ritually sacrificed and burned by Dutroux and
his cult.
According to people in the area on the night of the murder, who heard a

woman screaming, one of the last utterances Van Hees is said to have
"No, not that! Stop! Mum!"
Van Hees was murdered not far from her parents home, in the basement
of an abandoned farm house, and as part of her torture was doused in
kerosine and lit on fire.

also of interest:
Dutroux reveals that police helped in teens' kidnap

Marc Dutroux, whose face in court cannot be shown under Belgian law

Marc Dutroux, the Belgian paedophile, revealed today that police
officers helped him to abduct two young women whose bodies were later
discovered buried in his garden.

Testifying for the first time at his trial, Dutroux said that he
abducted An Marchal, 17, and Eefje Lambrecks, 19, with the help of a
heroin-addicted friend, who is also on trial, and two other men.

"I later found out they were members of the police force," he told the
court, without identifying them.
Dutroux, 47, a convicted paedophile, is testifying on the third day of
his trial in the small town of Arlon. He is accused of kidnapping,
imprisoning and repeatedly raping six girls in the 1990s, and killing
four of them.

His defence team says that he was part of a large paedophile network
that reached into the legal establishment.

Dutroux told the court: "It is regrettable that four people can never
come back. I cannot repair that. If I hadn't agreed to do what I did
they would probably be alive.

"I cannot accept all responsibility, but take responsibility for the
role I played."

Dutroux told the court that one of the police officers and his alleged
drug-addict accomplice, Michel Lelièvre, raped Ms Marchal after the
teenagers were kidnapped while on holiday near the Belgian coastal town

of Ostende.

But Dutroux denied murdering the two young women, who according to a
post-mortem examination, were most likely to have been drugged until
they were unconscious and then buried alive.

Dutroux said that he left the two young women with Mr Lelièvre and a
French accomplice, Bernard Weinstein, whom Dutroux has today denied
killing, after previously admitting to murder while in custody. The two

men planned to force the women into prostitution.

Dutroux told the court: "I never thought that they were going to kill
them. I find it a great shame that these girls died. It's a disaster."

Their bodies were discovered by the police in September 1996, buried in

the garden of a property belonging to Dutroux.

A month before, the brutally abused bodies of Julie Lejeune and Melissa

Russo, two eight-year-old girls, were unearthed from another Dutroux
property, along with that of Mr Weinstein.

Post-mortem examination reports showed that the children had starved to

death after being raped and beaten.
transcript of BBC television show broadcast throughout Europe:
Correspondent: Belgium's X-Files

Tx Date 5th May 2002

This script was made from audio tape - any inaccuracies are due to
voices being unclear or inaudible

Olenka Frenkiel says:

In 1996 this woman came forward to tell the Belgian
authorities she'd spent her childhood years as the victim
of a paedophile network.
She described a world of organised sexual abuse, torture
and even murder.
It was terrible, you didn't believe your eyes and I didn't
believe that humans could do that.

She talked of violent child sex orgies with politicians,
judges and influential businessmen; a Belgian
underworld in which the establishment has refused to

Claude Eerdekens says
Voice over

Regina Louf is a pathological liar; she's a woman who's
invented a series of scenarios, which just don't stand up.

Olenka Frenkiel says:
A campaign followed to discredit her evidence. But now,
in an exclusive interview, the policeman assigned to
investigate her claims has broken his silence.
He says the enquiry was blocked because it threatened to
reveal too much.

Rudy Hoskens says
I'm convinced that she has been a victim - that's for sure.

Olenka Frenkiel says:
In June 1996 this Belgian slum revealed a bitter secret
that would come to haunt the nation.
The eyes of the world watched in horror. Into the light
emerged two young girls.
Laetitia, aged fourteen and Sabine just twelve were the
latest in a long line of girls who'd gone missing.

Marc Dutroux, a convicted rapist and kidnapper, had led
the police to where he'd imprisoned them.
Relief swept Belgium as their tearful homecoming was
caught on camera.
But it soon turned to horror when police revealed the
secret cage hidden in the cellar of Dutroux's house.

The girls had been kept here, drugged and repeatedly
But what of Belgium's other missing children. Eight year
olds Julie and Melissa who were missing for more than a
year and twelve others who'd vanished mysteriously.

Was this a new lead in the hunt for them?

The hopes of their parents were soon dashed. Within
days Marc Dutroux led police to the site where the bodies
of Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo were buried.
The parents were informed but when the Russos asked to
see their daughter, Melissa, for the last time, they were

Mother of Melissa
Voice over

We begged, we were crying to see her. Really we insisted
with our lawyer, we really cried. They said no, it's not
possible, that's the law. But we said what's the point of
the law. And they said it's for your own psychological

Carine Russo
Voice over

It's not up to them to know what's good for our
psychological well-being. What would have been good
for us was to be certain.

Olenka Frenkiel says:
It's six years since the police unearthed the bodies of
Julie and Melissa buried in the garden of this house.

What's extraordinary to me is that though Dutroux's in
jail, he's never been tried for these crimes. It's as though
the judicial system froze when faced with having to bring
him to trial.

Officially Dutroux lived on benefits yet this house, now
derelict, was one of five that he owned.
The bodies of two more missing girls were found at
another of his houses- Efje Ambrecks and An Marchal.

Father of Victim

I didn't believe that it was possible that children were
kept in, in a cellar and were raped and, and kept there,
until that Dutroux was, taken to prison and that he, that
he could see the cellar. At the moment I had to believe.

Olenka Frenkiel

Before the murders Marc Dutroux had already been
convicted of five charges of rape and kidnapping. Yet
somehow he'd served only six years in jail before he was
released back into the Charleroi underworld.

This was once Belgium's industrial heartland but today
its most famous industry is crime.

Dutroux melted back into this realm of prostitution, drug
traffic and stolen cars and began to plan his next project -
the kidnap of children.
For the parents now burying their murdered daughters
after more than a year of fruitless searching, this was not
the end of their nightmare. They would soon find out
that Dutroux had been a prime suspect from the start, yet
nothing had been done to save their girls.

Melissa's father is still asking why his daughter was
allowed to die.

Father of Melissa
Voice over

"Ten days after the kidnapping of Julie and Melissa in '95,
three witnesses said it was Dutroux who was kidnapping
children. But they don't go looking for Julie and Melissa
at his house straight after the kidnapping. It's
inexplicable. And he continues to kidnap other children.
They put a special surveillance unit to watch Dutroux
and he continues to kidnap children. It's inexplicable;
the whole thing is inexplicable from start to finish."

Frenkiel says:

What is known is that Dutroux was finally caught when
his white van was identified. It had been used to snatch a
sixth girl, miles away from his home patch.

The man who arrested Dutroux was Jean Marc Conerotte,
an investigating magistrate. He became a national hero,
uniquely respected by the parents of the murdered

Paul Marchal
"He is someone who want to know the truth. You can feel
it when you talk to him, you can feel that he want to
investigate, the he want to have the truth. He is a very
good magistrate."

Conerotte arrested Dutroux's associates. Among the first
was Jean Michel Nihoul.
Nihoul and Dutroux had been seen at the site of the latest
abduction the night before. They'd been in constant
phone contact the day it happened. And the next day
Nihoul gave ten thousand pounds worth of drugs to an
accomplice of Dutroux.

One witness claimed, Nihoul had ordered a girl.
Conerotte knew Nihoul had influential friends, he
suspected he was the brains behind a network supplying
clients with children to abuse. It's a charge Nihoul
Conerotte appealed to the public for information.

"When I saw him walking down the stairs, I thought that I
knew everything about him. It was a shock; I thought
finally they stopped him.
Regina Louf was one of the first to come forward. She
said that as a child she'd been abused for many years in a
paedophile network involving Nihoul and Dutroux.
I remember Jean Michel Nihoul as a very cruel man; he
abused children in a very sadistic way.

She says that at the age of twelve she was taken with
other children to sex parties. And, she told investigators,
Dutroux was there, working for Nihoul.

"Dutroux was a boy who brought drugs, cocaine and
something like that, to these parties, who brought some
girls, watched girls at these parties. Nihoul, he, he was a
sort of party beast. Dutroux was more on the side."

Nihoul denies he's ever met Regina Louf. But her story's
never changed. Nihoul, she said, was one of those who
organised the parties and invited the cream of Belgian
society - judges, politicians and influential businessmen
in order to compromise them.

"It was big business, yeah and it was very well organised
too. There was a lot of money going on there and a lot of
blackmail also. They had a lot of parties; they filmed it
even. So, yes, yes, it exists. I know it sounds crazy and I
know that there is a big taboo on everything like that but
it exists."

Regina Louf's story was horrific. But her account of a
violent paedophile underworld was by now reinforced by
new witnesses, some of whom also named influential

The investigation began. The witnesses' identities were
protected. Each was given a codename beginning with X.
Regina was X-1. They went up to X-9. Their testimonies
became known as Belgium's X-Files.

The task of trying to verify them fell to a young police

Team Leader, Police

"They were telling stories we hadn't heard before in our
lives. Things we couldn't believe at first. So we told
ourselves, is this true? Could this be true? And when it
is true it's very, it's very, it's frightening that things like
that could happen".

Rudy Hoskens
"We had a special room for the interviews. It was
specially kept for people who had been victimised by
such matters. There was a camera in the room. They
were done mostly in the evening or the early hours.
When the interviews were finished, they were written
down by a few people of my team, all the way from the
first word to the last, literally."

But before the investigation could get under way there
was a bombshell.

Jean Marc Conerotte, the man who'd arrested Dutroux,
who'd saved the imprisoned girls, was sacked from the

His removal caused a public outcry. Belgians lost faith in
their judicial system: Crowds descended on the Palace of
Justice and accused the courts of colluding with the

Crowds shouting

The father of one of the murdered girls spoke for all.

Gino Russo

"This decision is like spitting on
the graves of Julie and Melissa."

Gino Russo
Voice over

"As an investigating magistrate, Conerotte, who arrests
ten people and they sack him and they appoint another
investigation magistrate, Langlois, who's never done the
job before. It's his first appointment in the most
important investigation, in the biggest file of the century.
You're going to put in an investigating magistrate who's
never done the job before - can you understand that?"

Three hundred thousand outraged Belgians marched
through Brussels in a demonstration of grief and
solidarity. This White March was the largest protest the
country had ever seen.

Belgians felt that the dismissal of Conerotte was a
betrayal of Dutroux's victims, that it signalled the end of
any real search for a network.

The two rescued girls were overwhelmed.


"Thank you for coming in such large numbers."


"Thank you all for coming."

Olenka Frenkiel
The country's highest legal authorities had removed the
only judge in which the public had any faith because he'd
attended a fund raising dinner for the families of missing
children. A conflict of interest they'd called it; a lack of
judgement. The government feared a revolution.

"I think there were a kind of insurrection climate, a kind of
pre-revolutionary climate here. You know, the big
powers in Belgium so the magistrates and the political
circus, the government, the parliament, everything was
totally discredited, everything was totally discredited."

No one knew what to believe anymore. Rumour and
speculation spawned a variety of wild theories.

"You will instigate ultimate fear."
A full length feature film suggested the whole affair was part of an
extreme right wing plot to destabilise the country.

'Blue Belgium'
by Rob Van Eyck

"I'm very pleased Victor. Three hundred thousand idiots
marching in Brussels and an ocean of white balloons -
magnificent! Pathetic and impressive at the same time.
We really got them exactly where we want them."

To appease the public's concern, parliament set up the
Dutroux Nihoul Commission.

I propose that the commission
observe a moment's silence.

Commission member
As the pressure grew more and more they decided, in a
kind of panic climate, to create the commission because
the political world had to try to find an answer.

Olenka Frenkiel
But what the commission revealed was incompetence that
beggared belief.

Police had been told of Dutroux's plans to make money
by kidnapping children. They had his house under
surveillance throughout the abductions.

They even searched inside and heard the sound of
children but failed to find the dungeon.
What it established beyond doubt was that the girls could
have been saved.

Commission member

They had everything they nee